Bio :

Jen Walters Petry received a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati in 1994. She has worked in several applications, from package design and book design to advertising and architectural graphics. Having always had a fascination with art glass, Jen has sought to continue developing her design skills and experience through her interest in craft.

She worked as a glass craftsman for several years, developing a proficiency in several techniques, before becoming a project manager at a large architectural glass firm. She waas then responsible for coordinating and administrating the design, engineering, drafting, production and installation of large custom glass commissions.

With a focus on utilizing emerging technologies and a challenging range of commercial, ecclesiastical, and residential commissions, Architectural Glass Art gave Jen 9 years of intensive experience in the administration, development and production of custom glass.

In 2003, Jen began to teach classes in stained glass as well as fused and slumped glass at Glassworks, a regional glass center in Louisville, KY. Her introduction to fusing and slumping workshop has been voted the best class at Glassworks in 2005 and 2006!

In 2005, Jen committed herself fulltime to her own studio, clients, and projects. She exhibits at regional art fairs and her work is available through several galleries. In addition, Jen continues to accept commissions for custom art glass.


Awards :


Artist Statement :

My ambition is to generate work of great quality in its craftsmanship, sensitivity in its composition and use of materials, and inspiration in its accessibility and elegance. Every piece of art I create celebrates my design training, the visceral experience of creation, and the culmination of so many years in the discipline of craft. Each single piece is it’s own study, successful when all these elements are satisfied and in balance.

The greatest value of my work is when the energy and attitude I have from my experience infects and excites others. Each new idea, conversation, composition, or experiment is a building block in generating a better product, more efficient communication, another idea, a more vibrant me. The passion that drives my craft can be summed up in a single word, discovery.